The Trinity Theological College Difference

We strive to have the Lord Jesus Christ as the central focus in our teaching, ministry and community.

Effective Christian Service

We prepare students for effective Christian service which is Bible-based, Christ-centred and Ministry-focussed. Graduates are prepared for Gospel ministries that connect with people in the real world.

Accredited Courses

Our degree courses are fully accredited by the Australian College of Theology, giving you international recognition. Our courses enable a broad and deep understanding of the Scriptures and its implications for life and ministry.

Personal Care

Trinity students and their spouses receive individual attention and pastoral care, and become part of our unique College Community. We embrace the family as a whole and provide various opportunities for spouses to learn and grow together.

Denominational Diversity

At Trinity, students and staff from various denominational backgrounds are united by the same Lord and the same Gospel. This denominational diversity within evangelical unity gives us compassion and a sense of belonging in the same family of Christ.

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